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We know that these are difficult times, however, there are options out there for you and we would love to set up a free, private consultation to go over your situation. Also, there may be other indicators of a potential short sale case, so if you do not find your situation in this document there still may be other options other than foreclosure. We look forward to helping you see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Are There Any Fees Associated With A Short Sale?
For sellers involved in a short sale, there are no fees at all. The bank pays all of the fees
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Why Do Banks Allow Short Sales?
Banks choose a short sale because of the financial benefits. They can save 20-40% by executing a short sale rather
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Introducing The Bay Area Short Sale Angels
Kerri and Monica are the founders of the Bay Area Short Sale Angels. In 2007, Kerri and Monica came together
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What Is A short Sale?
A short sale is when the bank allows you to sell your property than what you currently owe the bank.
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Short Sale Vs. Foreclosure
There are a few different reasons why a seller should choose a short sale over foreclosure. First, you should try
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Who Are the Angels?
Kerri and Monica talk about their background and why they feel short sales can be your angel!
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“Kerri is really on top of the current tricky real estate market. She works strategically, to get her clients the best result possible. I have recommended her to several people who were happy with her work.”
Cynthia Blumgart
hired Kerri as a Real Estate Agent in 2009
“Kerri is an outstanding customer-focused Realtor. The work that she does assisting families to negotiate short sales provides a tremendous service to our industry and our communities! Kerri goes above and beyond; she is a SUPERSTAR!”
Jessica DeLaney
Owner, Jessica DeLaney, Real Estate Sales and Investments