Using Bankruptcy To Put Off A Trustee Sale Date

Hi, this is Kerri from the Bay Area Short Sale Angels, the Bay Area’s number one short sale team. A lot of people have asked us recently about using bankruptcy as a way to put off a trustee sale date as well as to live in their home for the maximum amount of time mortgage free. People all over the internet are making claims that this actually works, however these claims are extremely exaggerated.

Bankruptcy can put off the trustee sale date right before your home is supposed to be foreclosed on, and that’s because it puts everything on hold. It does cost you money, however, because you have to pay an attorney to file the bankruptcy. The fees will vary depending on your attorney and the services they charge you for. I’m warning you now, though, be careful and do not hire a paralegal or use any other scam that you may see where they claim to only charge a single blanket fee to get your foreclosure stopped. If you do hire someone like this, they could be doing things incorrectly, illegally, missing important steps or details and they may just end up running you through the mill. More than likely, you’ll end up going through foreclosure anyways.

Using bankruptcy as a tool to put off your trustee sale date and prolong foreclosure may be a great technique for you to use, however it does cost money to use a professional to ensure that all of the correct procedures are followed. If you are already facing foreclosure or feel as if foreclosure may be in your future, please contact us. The Bay Area Short Sale Angels can provide you with information regarding various alternatives to foreclosure, such as short selling your home. We can guide you through the process and answer all of your questions regarding a short sale, and more importantly, alleviate some of your financial struggles while helping you make the best decision for your financial future .