The Benefit of a VA Loan Combined with the Right Price on a Short Sale Property

Hi this is Kerri from the Bay Area Short Sale Angels, Bay Area #1 Short Sale Team. I have noticed of late there are a lot more VA buyers out there. A VA loan is designed for people who have served our country in the armed forces and it requires zero money down and is a government run program. Recently we have had a few of our short sales get sold to those with VA loans and the process was very easy. The negotiators that we have been working with may just be doing their part to say thank you to those VA loan recipients by offering credits for closing costs and providing an overall smoother process. For me personally as a short sale agent it also feels good to give back to those individuals that have served our country and see them become home owners. It is truly a win win scenario as our client is relieved of their distress property and the recipient is someone who we will always be thankful due to their duty. So if there are any VA buyers out there, seeking out a short sale property may be the best option for you to become a homeowner. By not having to worry about a down payment with a VA loan you could find the house you have always wanted at a greatly reduced price through a short sale property. Thank you for your time today. Once again I’m Kerri with the Bay Area Short Sale Angels, your #1 Bay Area short sale team, where we believe there is nothing worse than doing nothing.